Monteverde Experiences


Selvatura Canopy & Hanging Bridges


In the Selvatura Canopy Tour get ready for an adrenaline surge!  The Canopy tour, one of the safest and most thrilling adventures of all time, is ready for you to explore the marvels of an untouched forest from its canopies.  Marvel at the most amazing cloud forest’s flora and fauna including a wide variety of epiphytes, monkeys and exotic birds.  Fourteen platforms along 1.8 miles connected by stainless steel cables at an altitude of 300 feet help you cruise through the forest while attached to a top-class safety harness.



Santa Elena Reserve


The Santa Elena Reserve is located in the Central Highlands region of Costa Rica, and comprises 765 acres of preserved cloud forest.  The trails will take you on an amazing journey of discovery, as you blaze your way through the hanging vines and moist vegetation.  Mosses and epiphytes flourish, engulfing the numerous tree species along the trails.  Keep an eye out for the plethora of insects and small mammals scurrying along the forest floor as well as the wild forest sounds resonating in the air.



Monteverde Trainforest


Costa Rica has become one of the most important destinations worldwide for ecotourism.  Its natural beauty is the most important attraction that our country has to offer tourists, and this constitutes the pillar of our competitive edge in the world tourism industry.  For that reason, we have built the Monteverde Trainforest.



Monteverde Biological Reserve


Explore the enchanted Monteverde Cloud forest with a set of expert eyes during this guided walk. We will explore different trails in search of birds and mammals and discuss the amazing diversity of plants.


Ecological Farm Night Tour


The Ecological Farm is a wildlife refuge that allows you to indulge in the beauty of panoramic views and waterfalls smoothly mixed with nearby coffee and banana plantations as you walk along its trails.  The wonders of the farm, however, lie in the uniqueness of over 170 bird species, mammals, and insects resting in their natural environment.  Be on the lookout for sloths, spiders, and snakes, among many others.  Enjoy this two-hour walk that introduces you to the excitement of the night sounds and smells in this unique tour.