Arenal Experiences


Arenal Hanging Bridges

intro-hangingArenal Hanging Bridge is a new tourism attraction in La Fortuna, only 4 km (2.5 miles) west of Tabacón, and is set within a 250 hectare (618 acre) reserve of primary forest. Visitors who love nature can enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long along 3 km rain forest circuit of interpretive trails built with paving blocks to prevent slipping.


Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

hot-springs-arenalThe Arenal Volcano has been active since 1968, and constantly ejects gases, water, fumaroles and explosions with pyroclastic material emissions.  Occasionally, the eruptions are accompanied with powerful thunder. The ash is carried by the wind over long distances, especially to the northwest area of the volcano.


Arenal Volcano Hike Tour

arenal-walkingBefore the active period of 1968, a lavish canopy of vegetation covered the Arenal Volcano. People that climbed Arenal’s summit related that inside the crater there were big trees and at night, they slept in places where there was some heat due to small steam outlets.


Arenal Volcano Mountain Bike Adventure

arenal-bikingThis is one of the tours we offer for those who want to go on a bike trip to the area where the forest, the Arenal Volcano and the Lake meet and lead trough a beautiful trail.


Canyoning Arenal

arenal-canyoningThe trip begins with a 30-minute 4×4 drive into the tropical rainforest outside the town of La Fortuna, in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano.

Afterwards, you will trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, a place very few people get to experience.


Caño Negro Tour

arenal-cano-negroThe tour starts at 7:30 a.m. when we pick up all nature lovers from the hotel in a very comfortable bus for the 1 1/2 hour transfer to Los Chiles, a culturally mixed village only 4-km from the Nicaraguan border. Here your boat awaits your, for your river adventure.


La Fortuna Waterfall Horseback Riding

arenal-waterfall-horseback-ridingThis is a good combination of horseback ride and hike at a beautiful stage. First you will be enjoying spectacular views of the San Carlos Valley and enclose tropical forest. Then our trained horses will take you until the entrance of the waterfall through pastures, forest and tall hills.


Peñas Blancas Safari Float

arenal-floatingOur professional bilingual guide will share with you educational and interesting explanations of the plants and animals we encounter on the float. You will truly appreciate the wonders of Peñas Blancas River and the surrounding rainforest as we travel down the river without a motor.  This way you will enjoy the journey quietly rowing and taking photos.


Sky Tram & Sky Trek

sky-trek-tramThe Sky Tram is a high technology cableway that goes through the forests of the Arenal Volcano, with great views of the Arenal lake and surrounding areas.  The tour starts with a 30 minute ride on the Sky Tram cableway with a Costa Rican nature guide, where you can have a different perspective of the flora and fauna.  The Sky Tram ends in a wide observation platform on the highest point of the Arenal Reserve, where you can sit down on comfortable chairs to enjoy the view.


White Water Rafting Rio Toro – Class III-IV

areanl-raftingThe Rio Toro explodes with a series of 45 continuous class 3-4 rapids – you will spend more than 2.5 hours rafting through unexplored, tropical wilderness on a personalized, small group tour.  The exciting Rio Toro is located only 1 hour from La Fortuna.


Community, Culture, and Conservation

arenal-cultural-tourThere are few opportunities to get to know the real Costa Rica, but this tour puts visitors in direct contact with some of the promising projects happening in and around the area.

The visit includes a stop at the AMUERCI woman’s arts and crafts workshop co-op to learn about their work teaching the community to reduce-reuse-recycle, and then visitors can help in the process of making recycled paper products. Other unique, locally handmade souvenirs are also available for purchase.